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Jan 27, 2008 / news

Kevin York uses Spinvox Blog to connect with race fans

SpinVox, the global leader in Voice-to-Screen messaging, announced today that race car driver and coach Kevin York will use the SpinVox Blog voice-to-text blog service to maintain and update his personal Web site while on the road with the Grand American 2008 Koni Challenge Series which debuts later this week.

Atlanta - January 24, 2008 - By using SpinVox Blog, York will be able to speak entries, updates and news into any phone, on any network and have them converted in text and posted to the YORK Motorsport Web site -

“Connecting with the fans and keeping them informed and interested throughout the race season has always been a priority of YORK Motorsport,” said York. “We’ve done a good job through our Web site of providing news and information. However, by integrating SpinVox Blog we’re able to enhance it and offer an all-access pass as there are essentially no limitations as to where we can post entries from. As a race car driver always on the move, I no longer have to wait to be back at a computer terminal with an Internet connection to stay connected with our fans and can now share thoughts and insights on events as they happen.”

SpinVox Blog is free to use straight off the company’s website. SpinVox Blog works with any blogging tool - such as Blogger or Wordpress - so it is available to more than 150 million active bloggers around the world. LiveJournal makes SpinVox Blog available on all 12 million of its accounts. There are in excess of 10,000 active SpinVox Blog users on LiveJournal with new active users being added at the rate of over 1000 a month.

York drives the #75 Acura TSX for Compess360 Racing in the Grand Am KONI Challenge Series; a schedule of eleven race events that kicks off Friday, January 25 at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida and runs through the fall. He has been a motorsport competitor and coach for nearly two decades. The YORK Motorsport Web site features news, biographical information, photos and a section called Koni Notes where entries spoken by phone and converted by SpinVox will appear in text.

“We pleased to be in partnership with YORK Motorsport to demonstrate yet another fantastic application of the SpinVox Blog voice blogging service,” said Christina Domecq, co-founder and CEO of SpinVox. “Keeping people connected wherever they may be and allowing them to ‘speak freely’ is what SpinVox is all about.”

A quick note: if you’ve not visited Kevin’s Blog, where he’s using the Spinvox tech, you really should. It’s pretty impressive.