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Latest: Compass Racing Team Photos 2019-2015

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2007: October

Oct 5, 2007 / video

A lap of Miller (Utah) with Beau Buisson

Enjoy a lap of the spectacularly long Miller Motorsports Park, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, courtesy of Beau Buisson who drove our #75 TSX in 2007.

Oct 4, 2007 / video

A few laps of Iowa with Beau Buisson

After all, it’s a very short track (0:52 second lap time). Shows the tight, twisty infield and guys running some very different lines on the banking. One hopes that the promoter will change his mind for 2008 and allow us to run GS and ST class separately!

Courtesy Beau Buisson who drove our #75 TSX in 2007.

Oct 3, 2007 / video

A lap of Laguna Seca with Billy Johnson

Here’s a fun two-pov lap of Laguna with Billy Johnson, who co-drove our #76 TSX in 2007. The main screen is a low-pov mounted just above the track surface on the front bumper. The other was in-car of Billy at work. Nicely composited and provided by Beau Buisson, co-driver of our #75 car in 2007.