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Feb 21, 2012 / news


C360R fan Eric Schmidt, from Fort Worth, TX, sent us some screen grabs of our 2012 Honda Civic Si's that he created in Forza Motorsports 4. He's created a whole gallery of in-game shots that he posted on Flickr...


Eric sent us this email, with some photos of the HPD/C360R livery we used at the end of last year:

"My name is Eric Schmidt I live in Fort Worth, Texas, USA and I started following the Compass360 race team when a friend of mine wanted me to recreate the new C360R Civic in a video game 'Forza 4'. So, I went on line to get source pictures and only found a few but, went off what I had and the car be came one of my most asked for paint schemes. I also posted the pictures of the car in game on my Flickr acct and with in no time it was well over 500 views and growing by the day. On Forza and Flickr I promote Compass360 so I can spread the word about this great race team to people young and old."

"So, now to the reason why I'm sending this email. I would like to see if I can get any pictures of any Compass 360 race car so I can get the details right and it can be any car you want to promote or all of them. The pictures just need to be of out side of car (front, back, side)."

We sent him some shots of our new 2012 livery (bright orange / matte silver / black) and he sent back the following:

"I attach in game shots of the Compass360 Civic that you sent me pictures of. I told my car club on Forza 4 (NUTZ N BOLTZ) about how cool you were to send me source pictures and had to make all of them a Compass 360 car so, on one of our next club races we will be racing all Compass 360 cars. On Forza 4 when you make a car there is no copy and paste so every logo and design was make from stratch using shapes that I had to layer, skew and stretch to make logos.

"I hope you like them and still can't express how cool it was for you to send me pictures."

"After I send this email I'll be posting pictures on FLIKR and on my club's web site letting everyone know how great you and Compass360 are. I've already put up on Forza 4 where other players can can download on what Forza 4 calls a "Store Front" and gave thanks to you and Compass 360 on there too. It's a place where players can share designs and tunes, FYI the tune on the C360R is already showing up on leader boards and paint scheme has been shared over 20 times. Not bad of only being up less than a day.

Thanks, Eric, for being such a great fan!